Most Primitive Church Resurrected by Richard

The Three Degrees

“Catechumens” the “Competentes” and the “Illuminati.”

"Life is a challenge fit for a God"
        -Richard Thomas Infinite Player

“Consciousness is the stone that creates the waves in a sea of nothing.”
 ~Infinite Play the Movie / Intangics / Richard Gerber

"Mystae the Mystogostic Illuminati of the Primitive Church of the Most Profound Faith of the Holy Grail Disciplini Arcani Discipline of the Secret" "Grace through through Faith" -Brought to you by Gerber® as part of  The Infinite Play by Shake Spear....
-Horus, Osiris Behind the Mask

There is only one source of love, be a channel for it

May you come to realize the Divinity that is you

Discover by intuition and insight the truth

One Being both noun and verb

"The "seemingly" other is really you"

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"There are no accidents in an intelligent universe" -Richard Gerber


"Follow your bliss" - Joseph Campbell

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